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Material: Lycra & conductive fabric
Application: Playing electronic devices like smartphone, tablet and doing sports like hiking, running
Size (about):
S: total length 7.5''/19cm; palm width 3.1''/8cm; length of middle finger 2.8''/7cm; suitable for kids between 6-8 years old
M: total length 7.7''/19.5cm; palm width 3.3''/8.4cm; length of middle finger 2.8''/7.2cm; suitable for kids between 8-10 years old
L: total length 7.9''/20cm; palm width 3.5''/8.8cm; length of middle finger 2.9''/7.4cm; suitable for kids between 10-12 years old
Package weight (about): 1.8oz/50g
Color: black
Package list: a pair of gloves

Logistic Information
  • Product category: Childen's goods
  • Product condition: New
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  • Product model number: model no
  • Weight of packing: 1g
  • Package size: 1mm x 1mm x 1mm